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Come ride with me on the Menopause big dipper

Welcome to my blog about  Ssssh...'the menopause' - Our Whispered Word.    It's ironic that the word  'Menopause' is so often brushed away quietly like a whisper in the wind,  when there are about 25 million women around the globe entering this phase of their lives every year.  I mean, not one of us gets away with it not one.   So how is it that awareness has been so pathetic?  We need to create awareness and be 'out and proud'.  It's not going away and our future generations depend on it  - literally :). 

The Peri-menopause hit me like a  a slow moving ten tonne truck.  I was blindsided, I did not see it coming.    If by expressing myself and sharing my feelings helps just one woman relate and understand that she is not alone on this journey then that's a job done.    

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The elephant in the room

Among the social gatherings of the ‘Sex in the City’ 40/50 somethings, there is an ‘elephant’ in the room. That word that still remains...

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